A Little History:

Originating as misst, the current alias mysti was adapted from the full english title of Miss T.

My exposure to the internet started back in BBS days, watching my brother create and maintain his bulliten board, and often helping out drawing ANSI graphics as a bargaining tool so that I could later use his computer to connect to Active and chat online...

Not much has changed since then, ever since the family PC has been able to connect to the internet, I have been chatting on IRC, ICQ and now MSN.


About Me:

I am currently a Sales Rep selling information management software for a large IT company in Sydney. I am living on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Away from work I tutor High School students in Mathematics, as well as getting out of the house doing everything from visiting friends, going out for coffee or dinner, movies, to cruising the streets, holidaying, going to the gym and which woman would be complete without a weekly dose of shopping.

Prior to my working career, I studied a Bachelor of Business Administraion and Bachelor of Computing and Information Systems at Macquarie University in SYdney. Unfortunately my degree did not go so far as to include web design so this site has been developed with limited knowledge and skills.

My interests include cars, clothes, money, hoes, and funnily enough rap, r&b and hiphop :) Love to travel both within Australia and overseas, or just curl up with a movie in bed.

This site was created to supply me with resources, especially during my years at university. However, now it is used as a repository for Photos, Information and Links.

If you're up for an interesting read, my Astrological Character Profile is here.




Thanks to tha boiz at NSCorp for hosting this site.

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